Landing gear mounts

Titanium alloy

Landing gear mounts are complex structural components that are situated horizontally in the wing structure above the landing gear. These elements connect the wing and the landing gear and act as a shock absorber in conjunction with the main cylinder of the landing gear.

These are solid forged components with numerous 3-axis and 5-axis pockets, and mainly consist of titanium alloys. Machining titanium produces high temperatures at the tool cutting edge. Uncontrolled heat transfer creates tension in the component that can subsequently cause it to warp, even after weeks have passed. This means that optimum cooling for machining operations, controlled chip evacuation and high-quality clamping devices and tools are crucial for ensuring process reliability

High-feed milling of mating faces


Walter M4002 high-feed milling cutter

  • ► Face milling cutter with a 15° approach angle
  • ►  Four-edged system inserts in three sizes
  • ►  Wave-form finish along the flank face facilitates the choice of geometry

High-feed milling of pocket structures


ConeFit Flash

  • ► 4 cutting edges
  • ► Internal coolant supply
  • ► Special microgeometry for high-feed milling
  • ► Ideal for long tool projections

Finishing pocket bases


Ti50 high-performance milling cutter 0.55 x D

  • ► Flexible ConeFit changeable head system
  • ► Can be used for finishing the base of pockets up to 7 x D
  • ► New design for ideal transitions when carrying out base face finish machining
  • ► New PVD coating technology

Wall finishing operations using the waterline method


Ti50 high-performance milling cutter 1.5 x D

  • ►  Special ConeFit wall finishing tool with high concentricity
  • ►  For semi-finishing and finishing operations with a large radius at the rear for step-free transitions on the walls
  • ►  Minimal deflection up to a length of 7 x D
  • ►  New PVD coating technology