Turbine disc machining

Inconel 718

Turbine discs are engine components manufactured from Titanium 64 or heat-resistant high-temperature alloys such as Inconel 718 and Udimet 720. These are complex workpieces with chambers and grooves that are rarely ideally accessible.

For this reason, our aerospace specialists develop individual machining solutions according to the shape of the component. Our focus is on ensuring that implementation of these solutions is cost-effective and reliable – which is where our cutting tools and processes can prove their worth. This enables you to carry out extremely cost-effective production, even under unfavourable conditions.

HSC roughing disc contours


Walter Turn with rigid clamping and ceramic indexable insert

  • ► Ceramic substrate for machining nickel-based alloys
  • ►  Indexable insert geometry with stable design, adapted for nickel-based alloys

HSC milling of blade grooves


Carbide shank end mill with ceramic cutting head

  • ► High stability and long tool life
  • ►  Ceramic head fused onto carbide shank
  • ► Geometry designed for nickel-based alloy
  • ► Also suitable for plunge milling

Contour turning of the disc profile


Walter Cut CaptoTM

  • ► Tiger·tec® PVD coating
  • ►  Versatility thanks to diverse geometries
  • ► Special solutions for modules and inserts

Roughing and finish-milling of blade root profiles


Walter Prototyp profile groove milling cutter

  • ►  Milling to closely match the required profile
  • ►  TiAlN coating