Engine block

 Cast iron

The trend towards higher performance with smaller displacement and lower fuel consumption leads to higher mechanical loads on the engine block. This necessitates increasingly high-quality materials made from grey cast iron (GG) and compacted graphite iron (CGI).

Our Tiger·tec® Silver and Tiger·tec® Gold cutting tool materials and innovative tooling systems are ideal for machining such materials. You can achieve an extremely high level of dimensional accuracy, optimum surface quality and increases in productivity of up to 100% thanks to the combined use of Walter milling tools and high-performance drills. We can handle every engine block machining operation. And you gain competitive per-part costs in mass production, even where complex components are concerned.

Finish-milling for main surfaces


Walter M2025/M2026 multi-tooth finishing face milling cutter

  • ► Roughing insert with 16 cutting edges
  • ► Fixed finishing indexable insert with 4 cutting edges
  • ► Close tooth pitch for a high feed rate

Cylinder bore roughing


Walter rough boring bar with tangential cutting edges

  • ► Highly stable, compact design
  • ► Standard indexable inserts
  • ► 8 useable cutting edges
  • ► Cooling using emulsion or MQL/air

Roughing and finishing surfaces


Walter M2136 close pitch cutter

  • ► Stable wedge clamp
  • ► Close tooth pitch for a high feed rate
  • ► Low power requirement thanks to positive indexable insert geometry

Drilling core holes


Walter Titex X·treme CI step drill

  • ►  XPL coating
  • ►  Internal coolant
  • ►  Facet