Ductile cast iron

The mainframe is the central component of the generator nacelle on a wind turbine. The gearbox, the rotor bearing and the bearing for the connection to the tower are flange-mounted on the mainframe. The generator frame holds the electricity generator.

Mainframes weigh up to 70 tonnes and are exposed to permanent and high dynamic loads. Their manufacture must meet the most rigorous quality and safety requirements. Our highly precise tools for drilling and milling meet these high requirements

Roughing the main bore


Walter F4238 porcupine milling cutter

  • ► Special version with outstanding cutting values
  • ► Excellent machining performance in spot facing and milling tasks
  • ► Tiger·tec® Silver grade WSP45S and extremely soft-cutting tool geometries

Roughing the end face


Walter M3016 heavy-duty cutter

  • ► Differential tooth pitch, good chip clearances for optimum chip removal
  • ► Tiger·tec® Silver cutting tool materials for long tool life and a high level of process reliability, even for wet machining
  • ► Protection provided for the indexable insert seat by an additional carbide backing seat which also functions as an "emergency cutting edge"
  • ► One insert dimension for various lead angles

Machining vent holes


DC170 Supreme solid carbide drill

  • ► Greater carbide mass behind the insert corner provides a high level of stability
  • ► Special coolant grooves allow the uninterrupted passage of coolant, and chip jams are prevented
  • ► Coolant is washed around the lands

Roughing the contact surfaces and rear sides


Walter WF351 slotting cutter

  • ►  Available as a monoblock or cartridge tool
  • ►  Maximum number of teeth and optimum chip clearances for the best possible cutting performance
  • ►  Walter's many years of experience with tools up to 1600 mm in diameter