MC319/MC320 Advance & MC320 ConeFit – more efficient roughing with the new serrated profile.

Maximum metal removal rate

Requires 30% less power in the milling process thanks to the new serrated profile

Robust tool

Can be used universally, especially for roughing

Short chips

Extremely quiet milling process (silent tool)

Ideal for unstable conditions of use

MD133 Supreme solid carbide milling cutter: Dynamic milling – now an entire range.

High level of process reliability in unmanned machining

Maximum productivity thanks to an optimal metal removal rate with reduced machining times

Optimum tool life: Use of the entire length of the cutting edge; uniform wear pattern

High level of flexibility for a variety of different cavities on the component (machining with a tool diameter)

No problems working with materials that have difficult cutting properties or under unstable conditions

M4258 porcupine milling cutter – modular ‌slot milling with maximum cost efficiency.

Modular design: The front piece can be replaced when this section of the body is worn

High level of process reliability thanks to an internal coolant supply – even in the front piece

Secure indexable insert clamping with Torx Plus screws

Reduced procurement and inventory costs

Low power requirement thanks to positive geometries

Resource-efficient concept