RL52-44– 52mm RockLock Adapter

100mm x 103.5mm profile 52mm RockLock baseplate. 82mm bolt circle.

Size(mm): 103.5mm x 103.5mm x 25mm

Material Construction: Aluminium (RL52A-44), Steel (RL52S-44)

Repeatability:  +/- 0.0003"

RL52-4– 52mm RockLock Adapter

116mm diameter blank adapter for 52mm RockLock. 10mm SHCS can be placed anywhere between 50mm to 100mm. Adapters are in stock as blanks.

Size(mm): Ø100 X 25mm

Bolt Pattern: 10mm SHCS mounting holes can be placed anywhere from 50mm to 100mm center to center

Material Construction: Aluminium (RL52A-4), Steel (RL52S-4)

Repeatability:  +/- 0.0003"

RL52-A96– RockLock Adapter

The RL52A-A96 allows for the quick and easy conversion between the 96mm system and the 52mm system. 96mm spacing on the bottom of the unit and the integrated 52mm system on the top. Quickly adapt 52mm top tooling to the 96mm risers and adapters.

Size(in): 4.88″ x 4.88″ x .98″

Material Construction: Aluminum- (RL52A-A96)

Repeatability:  +/- 0.0003"

RL52-T31– 52mm RockLock Integrated Tombstone

3-sided integrated RockLock tombstone. 52mm RockLock integrated on all 3 faces of the tombstone. The unit features 4ea PS20F (installed) 96mm RockLock pattern on the bottom) for mounting to any RL96 base .

Size(mm): Ø160 X 167mm

Material Construction: Aluminum- (RL52A-T31)

Repeatability:  +/- 0.0003"